2019 Tax Saving Examples


You buy a bike (or part or accessory) that costs $1000, and is NOT ON SALE.  Tax on that would normally be $62.50, for a final cost of $1062.50.  During our sale, the same item would be discounted to $937.50.  And that's your final price!  You save $125.00, or DOUBLE THE SALESTAX.



You buy a bike that normally costs $2000, but is ALREADY ON SALE.  Our sale price is $1500.  You would normally pay $125.00 in tax, for a final cost of $2125. There's no double dipping, so you won't save anything else on the bike itself, but you'll STILL SAVE THE SALESTAX.  That makes your final cost $1500, and altogether you'll save WAY MORE than double the salestax.



State regulations require us to charge salestax on any individual item over $2500.  However, during our sale, we will still discount the selling price of NON-SALE BIKES by 6.25%.  A $3000 bike would be reduced to $2812.50.  Tax would be an additional $175.78, for a final cost of $2988.28.  Compare that to the $3000.00 flat you would have paid if you had saved only the salestax; with our sale, you've saved $11.72 MORE.



You buy a bike with a sale price of over $2500.  There is no additional sale (no double dipping) and by state law we must charge salestax.  As an example, we have a bike on our sale list with a regular price of $4999.99, and a SALE price of $3999.99.  You'd pay that, plus tax of $250.00.  Your final cost would be $4249.99.  That's such a big total saving, it makes me dizzy.