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What We Know About Fitting

Most recently we've completed fit training in GURU's newest system, Range of Right motion capture.  We've had motion capture training before, but this course taught us to apply those principles with the brand new GURU software.  We now have a pre-release version running, and will have the final product soon.  

Previously we had completed an advanced F.I.S.T. training course with its developer, Dan Empfield.  Dan is the founder/editor of the Slowtwitch website, and in many ways the inventor of triathlon.  While we were there, a member of the US Women's National Triathlon Team drove 6 hours each way to get fitted.  In 2015, we completed GURU Level 2 Training (their highest at the time) with Time Trial and triathlon fitting "guru" Mat Steinmetz, coach of 5x World Champion Craig Alexander, and 2x World Champion Mirinda Carfrae.

We've done GURU Level 1 and Level 2 Fit Training; Specialized Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology; Trek Precision Fit (twice); Serotta Fit School; Fist Certification; 2 SICI World Fit Conferences; Dartfish.  I think we've got you covered.

But our greatest asset as fitters, is that we actually listen to you.  Over the years we've fit 20 year olds, and 70 year olds.  We've fit "Ironmen", and recreational cyclists.  We've fit people with good knees, bad knees and replacement knees: with good backs, bad backs, and fused vertebrae; with fused ankles; with replacement hips; with bad shoulders; with perineal scarring; with just about everything!  And what we've learned is that everyone is unique.  No template or rule covers everything.

A good fit is the result of an intelligent collaboration between the rider and the fitter.  We’ll ask about your current and ultimate cycling plans as well as physical issues and problems.  And, when we make a fit alteration, we’ll ask for your feedback on it. We’re never satisfied until you are.

Wouldn't this be the perfect time for YOU to be properly fitted?