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Get Your GURU Fit On - Winter 2024

Why YOU Need A GURU Fit from Pedal Power

Winter is here, but this could be the perfect time of year to take your cycling to the next level. We have two suggestions. One great way would be getting yourself a fantastic new bike from Pedal Power Bike & Ski. (Oooohh, and we've got a bunch of them on sale). Once they've made the switch, folks often chastise us for not telling them how great these new bikes are and what a difference they make. Sigh. We're sorry, and we'll try to do better.

But the second major step?  With or without a new bike, get a Pro Bike Fit today from Pedal Power Bike & Ski. You'll improve your comfort and performance right now, and be ready to achieve all your riding goals for this season and beyond.

Fitting is at the core of what we do; that's why we've included several links to demonstrate that.

Our revolutionary GURU Dynamic Fit Unit is great (really!), and Pedal Power has been using this system for over 10 years. You can read all about it HERE.

But guess what?  The system doesn’t make the fit.  A great fit still requires a great fitter, and you can read more about us HERE.

Fitting is for everyone.  Ask the folks who’ve already been through Pedal Power's GURU fitting process: like the rider we fit last Spring, who checked a cross America bike trip off his bucket list last year.  Or the woman with a less than satisfactory hip replacement, who can now ride on the rail trail again. Or the active and healthy 18 year old woman with no history of injuries and no obvious structural malformations.  She STILL needed a GURU fit!  Better still, a GURU fit from Pedal Power.  You can take our word for that, or read her surprisingly long story, with all the gory details HERE.

If we've got you intrigued, and you'd like specific details about scheduling, time, cost, and what to bring, CLICK HERE. 

Wouldn't this be the perfect time for YOU to be properly fitted?  At Pedal Power?  

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