Shimano Mountain Componentry!

Dominate the dirt with Shimano cycling components!
Shimano has always been on the cutting edge of cycling technology. Their constant pursuit of innovation has led to lighter, stronger and easier-to-use components. These beautiful parts make great upgrades individually and as entire groups. Take a look at the examples here and then stop on in to see how you can make your bike ride like nothing you've felt before.


XTR components are Shimano's premiere mountain components!
Incredible weight savings separates Shimano's XTR components from the pack. These amazing parts often weigh less than half what the competition does while providing greater strength, durability and stiffness. Translation: these are must-spec components for your top-of-the-line off-road rig. Plus, you'll appreciate the precision stopping power of the hydraulic disk brakes, the ergonomic ease of the integrated shifters and the way the stiff crankset turns your bike into a rocket. Whether you're podium-bound or simply need components that can handle long, hard miles, XTR is the way to go.

The Dual Control levers let you shift and brake with a single lever and from various hand positions. The shifters include a secondary release lever (not shown in the diagram) that can be removed after you become accustomed to the Dual Control shifting, resulting in a super-clean, lightweight setup.

Deore XT

Shimano Deore XT components are sleek and precise!

Get top-end technology without the high price tag. Shimano's Deore XT components offer phenomenal braking and shifting at an amazing value! These tough parts include the instantaneous, all-condition stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes, the stiff power transfer of an integrated-bottom-bracket crankset, and the effortless shifting of Dual Control levers. Take a test ride and you'll understand why XT is a favorite of aspiring racers, adrenaline junkies and bargain hunters alike.


Whether you race, freeride or simply enjoy the outdoors, you'll love Shimano's XT Disc Brake Front Hub. Its cup-and-cone bearings and super-polished ball races are built to last. Its stout design minimizes suspension-fork flex improving steering precision. And Shimano's legendary durability ensures that whether you're hammering or sticking sick landings this robust hub will hold up ride after ride. Plus, the spline provides easy rotor mounting for your disc brakes and boosts braking power.

The Deore XT's splined flanges make rotor mounting a no brainer!


The Saint components are built for strength!

When it's time to go big you need faith: faith in your abilities, faith in your experience and especially faith in your equipment. Shimano's Saint components inspire religious levels of faith. They're overbuilt for riders that constantly push the limits. The beefy hubs are twice the size of average models and ensure that you'll fearlessly stick your landings. Plus the rear hub also serves as the derailleur mounting point so you never have to worry about bent hangers again. The rigid crankset is ready for extreme terrain and the disc brakes provide the precision stopping power you need to handle even supernatural off-road challenges.

The Saint inspires massive amounts of faith. No matter how brutal the riding or how long the drops this heavy-duty crankset can take it. Its Hollowtech II design integrates the crankarms and bottom bracket into a single unit with a beefy spindle, large-diameter bearings and ultra-wide bearing spacing for maximum rigidity and strength. And, thanks to the light weight, the Saint won't hold you back when you take to the air.

The Saint crankset boosts your pedalling power!


Shimano's XTR wheelset rolls smooth and fast!
Give your most diabolical laugh, throw on Shimano's XTR WH-M965 Disc Tubeless Wheelset, and prepare for cross-country domination. These light, strong wheels are incredibly fast and offer precise control ideal for just about any riding condition. They boast a super-smooth ride thanks to their XTR hubs, and great traction and control thanks to the versatility of tubeless tires. The 24-spoke wheels feature Shimano's lateral-crossover lacing system for the optimal blend of stiff power transfer and ride quality. And the Center-Lock rotor mount offers an easy-to-use, lightweight and reliable mount for your discs.

Stop in and we'll show you how to upgrade your ride with some of these Shimano gems!