Trek's Women-Specific Design Fits You
WSD bikes are truly fit for women.

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Test ride a WSD bike and feel the difference.

You’re a woman — your size, anatomy, riding style and bicycle needs are unique.

Why a Trek WSD bike is better for you:

Cycling should be a pleasure. If cycling’s ever caused you back or hand discomfort, it’s because you’ve probably been stretched out with too much pressure on your hands. Trek WSD bikes are proportioned to create a more natural riding position for women. The handlebars are closer to the seat so your weight is distributed more evenly between your hips and hands. As a result of a woman’s pelvic structure, more pressure is exerted on your lower back. Thus, a less aggressive riding position is more comfortable, and also more efficient and powerful.

With a more comfortable position, you're more relaxed, your dexterity on the bike is enhanced and you have increased pedaling power. Trek WSD bikes include women-specific saddles, narrower handlebars, shorter-reach brakes (to fit smaller hands) and custom-tuned suspension for lighter riders.

Road WSD Series
Trek WSD road bikes are made to fit you, in sizes down to 43cm. Experience Tour de France-winning technology with OCLV-carbon-fiber and ZR9000-aluminum frames, and parts selected for comfort and efficiency. The Road WSD series ranges from $629.99 to $2,229.99.
SHOWN: 5000 WSD, $2,229.99

Pilot WSD Series
Trek’s line of Pilot WSD bikes combines women’s geometry with the best parts and Trek’s exclusive OCLV VC (Vibration Control) carbon for one smooth ride. The Pilot’s upright position offers true comfort. The Pilot WSD series ranges from $1,319.99 to $4,729.99.
SHOWN: Pilot 2.1 WSD, $1,319.99

WSD Mountain-Bike Series
Trek takes the same top-quality frames, construction and parts as in its men’s bikes and tailors them for you. Women’s geometry positions your center of gravity for powerful climbing and confident descending, for longer rides, less fatigue and more fun. Trek’s WSD front-suspension bikes range from $499.99 to $1,099.99.
SHOWN: 6700 WSD Disc, $1,099.99