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Who is Pedal Power?

Pedal Power Bike & Ski was founded in 1975.  We had just completed a 1700 mile bike trip from Massachusetts to Florida and we were hooked.  We're still here, and we're still hooked. 

We’re deeply committed to treating our customers right.  That’s why every new Pedal Power bike is covered by our exclusive Client Care program.  And that’s also why we have committed to extensive training and equipment for pro bike fitting.  Every type and level of rider is evaluated for fit.  We believe that proper fit can make the difference between mere exercise, and a great ride.  That’s as true for a casual hybrid rider, as it is for a serious racer or PMC rider.  And as you can imagine, Joyce insists that we treat women right.  

We have employees who’ve been with us for decades, employees who’ve done touring, employees who have (and still) race mountain and road, employees who commute by bike.  Many of them have completed industry training courses.  And we have employees with kids too.  All 3 of our kids grew up in the shop, which is why we built the “castle” just for them …. and for your kids too. 

We sell the road, triathlon and full suspension mountain bikes that experts demand, but we also have a complete selection of hybrids, fitness bikes and kids bikes for more casual riders.  We even sell electric bikes.  We’re not snobs…we believe that you can have fun on any kind of bike as long as it fits properly and actually works. 

We service every kind of bike, and offer pretty much every type of clothing, equipment or accessory any rider could desire: raingear, shorts, jerseys, jackets, shoes, helmets, bags, tires, pumps, hydration items and most anything else you can think of.  At the moment we have over 3000 different items actually in stock, and we carry substantially more than that.

Bikes have changed radically since 1975, but our love of the sport remains.  We’ve tried to sum it up this way:  We're Serious About Cycling Fun.