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Why YOU Need A GURU Fit from Pedal Power

Winter is here, but this could be the perfect time of year to take your cycling to the next level. How? Get a Pro Bike Fit today from Pedal Power Bike & Ski. You'll improve your comfort and performance now, and be ready to go when Spring arrives.

Fitting is at the core of what we do; that's why we've included links to demonstrate that. And fitting is for everyone. Whether you're 20 or 70, with good, bad, or replacement knees, an Ironman, or a recreational cyclist, a good fitting will improve your cycling experience. 

Ask the folks who’ve already been through Pedal Power's GURU fitting process: like the rider we fit last Spring, who checked a cross America bike trip off his bucket list last year.  Or the woman with a less than satisfactory hip replacement, who can now ride on the rail trail again. 

Wouldn't this be the perfect time for YOU to be properly fitted?  At Pedal Power? 

If you'd like more details about what you can gain from a fitting at Pedal Power Bike & Ski, click HERE.

For a $50 Coupon, Click HERE.

Do We (Still) Have a Deal for You! 

Pedal Power Bike & Ski still has a (shrinking) supply of all types of bikes and closeouts at up to 50% OFF! You can even save $1500 on one of our most popular e-bikes.

We also have some of the newest 2024 models. There are (still) lots of kids bikes, lots of fitness bikes, lots of mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes.

So check out our live inventory online HERE, and then CALL or COME IN. These sale prices are not shown online. See if we have that one great present for a significant other in your life ... or maybe even YOURSELF!