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Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You

Something Straaaaange is Happening Here!

For the first time in almost 2 years, we've actually received some road bikes. Yes, real live, brand new 2022 Trek road bikes, several months ahead of schedule.  They're here right now, and you can buy one right now.

Of course we still can't go crazy.  There's a limited number, and no chance of quick re-stocking, but nevertheless, THEY'RE HERE!

If you want something a bit less exotic, we've got a good selection of adult hybrids, mountain bikes and comfort bikes, as well as a full range of kids' bikes. We even have a few E-BIKES.

 Unbelievable!  We Actually Have Bikes To Sell

New Bikes! 8/5/22

Pedal Power Bike & Ski has continued to receive bikes since the Winter.  While we don't have every size of every model, we do have our largest inventory in over 2 years.  The 4 bikes pictured above, are among them. There are lots (in 2022 terms!) of kids bikes, lots of fitness bikes, a fair number of mountain bikes, several road bikes, and even a small number of e-bikes.

That's the good news.  

Here comes the bad news. Many of these bikes are from backorders. Some were ordered as long ago as May and June of 2020. Many models are still not in open stock at our suppliers, and some bikes we order today will not arrive until the late Spring of 2024!  (Not a joke, and not a misprint.)  We have a deep pipeline of old orders, but even many of those bikes are still months out. And their replacements may be over a year away. So check out our live inventory online, and if you see one that might work for you ... or your kids ... jump on it. 

J&J and the Gang at Pedal Power

Check out our bike inventory HERE:

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon

A New Kind of Cycling

E-bike technology has come to road bikes.  And it's done it in a big way; beautiful, elegant and efficient.  The Specialized Turbo Creo SL is the lightest e-bike in its class.  It's about HALF the weight of our previous e-bike models. And the great design means there's no resistance when riding unassisted.

With the instantly adjustable Future Shock 2.0, you'll feel a reduction in shock and fatigue, and in increase in speed, no matter the terrain. Of course, we have more conventional e-bikes too.

And, while your friends may not agree, using an e-bike is really not cheating.  Studies reported in the The NY Times show that e-bike riders gain as much fitness as riders of conventional bikes.  But, they tend to ride MORE, and experience lower perceived effort.

The future is NOW, and we have it at Pedal Power Bike & Ski.